Sunday, August 18, 2013

VIDEO// Oceania: Wires

Surreal are the images painted here. A boy hanging as a bat might hang, his yellow overcoat shimmering beneath a light, light as a feather yet weightless not. Periods of intermittent darkness dilute murky film, rewound tape fast-forwarded and nervous frames put under. Water. Smoke. And phone-lines racing to deliver fruitless talk to fruitless trees. "Wires in your eyes" caught in shallow lashes, the inside of an eyelid the gloomy palette of an overcast sky. The soundtrack is electronic, beats lonely in their abundance and choral synths a dreamy respite from the dream-like banality of life. 'Wires' is all these things and more, yet all these things and nothing. Our zenith and our nadir.

Oceania's EP 'Eyes of Glass' will drop later this summer, but check out his Soundcloud for now!