Friday, January 18, 2013

MP3// Au.Ra: Sun

As you listen, you remember. Shimmering under a film of reverberated nostalgia, the song recalls some hazy memory, details blurred by a boundless summer haze. Dappled electronic light plays across your thoughts, landing with fondness atop gently strumming guitars. Vocals yearn and ache while profoundly subtle percussion dances upon the breeze, and an air of melancholic joy prevails. Au.Ra remind me of The Radio Dept. in that respect, their uplifting recollections offset by a humbleness and sincerity rarely matched. Half-English and half-Australian, the duo consists of Tom Crandles and Tim Jenkins, and it's a partnership that will inevitably yield some incredible sounds! 'Sun' can be streamed and downloaded for free above and you can keep an eye out for more equally fine tracks over at Au.Ra's Soundcloud.