Tuesday, May 8, 2012

MP3// Kreator: Phantom Antichrist

Mille Petrozza's still got it! 'Phantom Antichrist' is the title track from Kreator's latest LP, which drops June 5th via Nuclear Blast Records. Classic German thrash, these four minutes don't disappoint. The double bass drums support riff after ruthless riff, brutal vocals ripping through searing verse and soaring hook! The refrain pounds, a certain Iron-Maiden theatricality smothered and muffled beneath savage winds. A catchy chorus is not unbeknown to Kreator, and 'Phantom Antichrist' manages to stay true to their sound while steering clear of the label 'formulaic'. Melodies change about and the drums are creative enough to warrant the banishment of any such underlying worry. I'm incredibly excited to hear the full album next month but until then hear the title track above and watch the more than awesome video after the break!