Tuesday, October 18, 2011

NEWS// Bloods: Spiderman Theme Song MP3

Bloods actually sent this over to the blog the other day, and it made me smile, which is reason enough to share it! If you've ever seen Bloods play live, I've been told they do an amazing cover of the Spider-Man theme song. Please note however, that Bloods do miss out the hyphen between Spider and man, but I don't suppose anyone who isn't a geek is going to be bothered! The song itself is that from the original cartoon, and I have to say that the band do it justice. Lo-fi vocals relay the lyrics perfectly, and the whole thing is lathered in a playful rock aroma that sounds fantastic. Stream it above and download for free from their Bandcamp page here. Also, keep an eye on the Australian outfit, 'cos I'm expecting great tracks in the future, and I'm gonna be right here when they release them!